Welcome to Cheryl Cockrell  Estate Sales LLC - I am an estate sale business around the Lafayette Louisiana area.  I learned to sell  at an early age from my dad.  In my family you never knew which car we would be in that day because my dad was constantly selling or trading the family vehicle.  When I began the business, it was a natural fit for my dad to join right in.  He is my go to person in identifying antiques, establishing  prices, and just generally talking to people.
      Who needs my help?  If your loved one has recently passed away or entered a nursing home  and you need to clean out the contents of the house and sell the items, I'm your person.   If you are downsizing or moving your residence, I can help too.  Finally, if you would like to host your own sale, for a small fee I'll quote prices and tell you how to conduct a sale. 
       I will provide the names of many satisfied customers and buyers.  In fact without shoppers there would be no business!
So please contact me for an absolutely "no obligation" visit to decide if I am the right person for  your job. Remember you don't get a second chance to do an estate sale.

Cheryl Cockrell
101 Stonington Drive
Lafayette LA 70503

If you would like to be contacted about upcoming sales please fill out this contact form at the bottom.